Sometimes, the photos seem to be far away; maybe a different dimension.  This photo on the right has the White Light the three faces in the front and other spirits along with ecto mists. 

These spirits appeared in the fireplace of the condo we rented for our vacation in upstate NY.

Look at the spirits lined up in vertical rows on top of one another. 

‚ÄčThe White Light and blue hues.

The White Light with a red hue and the cluster or orbs.  The two silver spirits are unusual in this photo.  I see the ecto mists and other spirits.  

This photo was taken in one of my rooms in my house.  I call these spirits gazoos.  There is a violet hue.  If hues are orbs it is a spirit seeking spitirual guidance. There is a green hue too.  The green orb is a healing spirit.  

This photo was eerie to me.  A head of something with a large light blue orb.  It looks like a woman is looking toward the large head shaped spirit.  I see spirits on the white headed spirit.  Maybe it is the back of a spirit's head.  I don't know.  Light blue orbs are peaceful spirits.  

The White Light captured during the daylight hours is awesome.   

This photo was taken in the front of my house.  The White Light with spirits showing around the Light. 

This photo is very odd. It shows a face at the end of what looks like a tunnel. There are other spirits but they are difficult to see.

There are so many spirits in this photo. There are spirits in the orange orb.  Orange orbs are healing and forgiving spirits.  

Do you see the spirit walking on the side of the highway?  I went on vacation after my mother passed away and this spirit kept showing itself.  It appears to be a woman wearing  a hat.

The White Light moves from the back of the property close to my porch at night.  There are spirits in this photo too.  The little girl statue is in many of my photos.  

This photo is very odd.  I can't explain it.  I see spirits in this thick mist all around the White Light. I see a green and white orbs. 

That looks like a big skull.  There are dark faces with many other tiny spirits in the ecto mists.  There is a cover on my grill showing on the bottom of this photo. 

I see very large eyes in this photo.  Very strange.  This photo was upsetting when I saw it.  

This photo shows faded spirits the White Light and the cluster of three small white orbs that moved around in my photos that week.

This photo has layers of spirits.  Different dimensions?  

This photo is rare too.  Ecto mists around faces of spirits.  I see a group of spirits standing together at the lower right hand corner of this photo.  

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Do you see the two faces at the bottom of the photo on the right?  There are several faded spirits standing along the side the highway.

The blue beings and life like spirits are in this photo.  The cluster of three or four white faces in front of other spirits appeared in a few of my photos in this time frame. The little girl is looking up.   

So many spirits.  The White Light with a pink hue.  The man's face just above the White Light is so vivid. 

This is one of my favorite photos.  The life like girl on the left side of this photo is facing the other spirits.  The White Light and so many tiny white orbs. There is cover on my grill.

The White Light with ecto mists draping over the spirits.  

Do you see the spirits in this photo?  I  see a child sitting in the grass in front of the woman standing and a spirit laying in the grass behind the woman standing.  I took this photo while I was on vacation.  

There are several faded spirits in this photo.  Take the time to see all of them.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

This photo is different.  The little girl looking up touches my heart.  The other spirits are larger than her. The cluster of flying white faces appeared in these photos in this time frame.