Do you see the small man in this photo on the left?  It looks as if he is walking on a road along a metal railing.  This photo was taken in my back yard.  There are faded spirits and many tiny colored orbs.

I am searching for answers.  Why do I have so much activity on my property showing the White Light, spirits, orbs and ecto mists?  Maybe I have a worm hole or maybe it is a portal.  Maybe they are attracted to my light. 

The spirits showing their faces in thick ecto mists. I have found that this is unusual.  The White light with pink and blue hues.  There is a bright green orb.  The green orb is a healing spirit.  

So many tiny white orbs the White Light and orbs.  The orbs move around.  

Dark spirits are supposedly earth bound or evil.  The White Light has totem poles and there are several spirits to see.  There are blue and pink orbs.

The White Light with pink and blue orbs.  Sometimes the spirits show themselves in the colored orbs.  Look closely to see the spirits.  

Do you see the cupid to the right of the White light?  Do you see the girl dressed in the ball gown?  Some of the spirits in this photo don't look human.  Take the time to really look at it.  There are four orbs and many tiny white orbs.  The cluster of orbs appear here too.

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The White Light with a pink hue.  There is a green and violet/purple orb.  Many white orbs.  There is a green semicircle orb in the upper left hand corner of this photo.  This photo was taken in the front of my house.

This photo was taken in the same time frame as the photo on the left.  Similar but has different spirits.  

The White Light with totem poles a violet orb and spirits.  Are the totem poles tunnels?  

Shows the White Light with a pink hue that has faces in the hue.  There are peach and green orbs.  The streaks of ecto mists.  I see a large face in this photo.   

This photo looks like a reflection.  It shows the outside and inside of my house.  Do you see all the spirits and the tiny colored orbs in this photo?

This photo shows you how the orbs move around.  There are spirits, animals and serpents.  I have heard that spirits and can show themselves in any form.  Is that a cat to the left of the White Light?

This cone has been in a few of my photos.  The violet orb is a spirit seeking spiritual guidance and the purple orb is a messenger from God.  Research the orbs and colors.  

The White Light and totem poles.  I see a large faces between the totem poles.  There is a purple orb on the left side of the White Light.  Sometimes my hand shows up in my photos.  

This photo shows the White light and faces in the thick ecto mists.  Why do some orbs appear in a cluster and others don't?  Orbs are different sizes.  I have heard that the size of the orb shows how much the spirit has evolved.    

This photo is weird.  It looks like fingers but there are faces of spirits making up the image of fingers.  There is a light blue orb and a green orb.  There are other spirits in this photo with the White Light that has a pink hue.  

This is an unusual photo too.  The white, violet and purple vertical orb.  There are spirits in the orb and standing next to the orb. The entire photo has a red background.  What does that mean? Red orbs are angry spirits.  

This is a photo of my kitchen cabinet.  There are spirits showing on the cabinet.  The spirits are always trying to get my attention.  

This photo I captured many spirits with only the flash of the camera but ecto mists streaming from the flash.  Black and gray background.  

This photo was taken in the front of my house.  It has The White Light with faces in the pink hue.  It has a blue, green and white orbs.  You must look closely to see the spirits.  

The White Light with a violet hue has totem poles and many spirits.

This White Light is far different from the usual photos of the White Light.  It is disfigured so to speak.  The ecto mist surrounding the Light is awesome.  There are spirits in this photo too.  Anytime I capture the Light and spirits during the day amazes me.

There are small spirits showing in the light blue orb.  The White Light has a pink hue. I see a woman in a dress standing next to a man to the the left of the light blue orb. I see another man's face to the left of the couple.  There are many spirits in this photo.  The light blue orb is a spirit seeking peace and tranquility.