Many elongated spirits below the White Light.  The small seahorse appeared in some of my photos.  

Again the small seahorse shows up along with many spirits and the White Light.  

This photo is so thick all you can see is the White LIght and layers of spirits.  

I began taking photos of spirits when this baby appeared on my glass door that was visible to the eyes.  A month later the baby changed into an old woman and disappeared.  Was my mother trying to tell me there is reincarnation?  

This photo shows a purple and violet orb that has faces in it.  Look at all the spirits in this photo.  There are sweeping ecto mists as if these spirits are travelling.  Take time to research orbs; their size and colors for their meanings.     

Similar photo but with different spirits to show you how they move around.  The White Light is so big and bright in these photos.  This White Light has a violet hue under the Light.  Violet orbs are spirits seeking spiritual guidance. 

​The ecto mists are so thick in this photo.  So many spirits and tiny white orbs.  

In this similar photo one of three taken two days in a row.  I have captured the same spirits for a few days or weeks but it is unusual.  

There is a semicircle with small faces at the top of the White Light and a large face below the small faces.  There are many small faces along with a tiny purple orb. 

This photo was taken in my bedroom.  The monster face is composed of tiny faces.  There are small faces between the flash and the large light blue orb. 

The pink hue around the flash is a open and accepting spirit.   

The only form the devil can not take is the shape of a dove.  When Jesus was baptized the Holy Spirit went to Jesus as a dove. 

The totem poles have faces stacked on top of one another.  The purple/violet orbs are supposed to mean a messenger from God.

You really have to study this photo to see all the spirits.  

The White LIght with totem poles.  I call them totem poles because most of them have faces stacked on top of each other.  Take time to study this photo. I see a large face below the Light.

Click on the photos to enlarge them

This photo has small and large faces.  The White Light has a violet hue.  The group of flying white faces appeared for a week in many of my photos.  

Angels White Light

This photo has vivid spirits but it has a very dark background.  

​​I want to share the gift God gave to me with you.  I truly believe there is life after death.  I have inner peace.  

This photo was taken in my front yard. I have three egrets that hang around my house. The ecto mists are spirits.  

For a couple days I captured these blue beings and large dark cloaked spirits.

Do you see the large face behind the flash of the camera.  So many spirits in the photo. 

Even though this photo is dark you can see the White LIght and totem poles with faces in them.  There are spirits but they are difficult to see.  The orange section of this photo is the top part of a tree.  

In this photo it looks like a man dressed in a white coat and a white hat standing at the end of my walkway.  There is a green orb on the ground. There are many faces above the White Light that has a bright pink orb above it.  

These next three photos show how the spirits move around.  The White Light with ecto mists.  In this photo I see a violet orb with faces in it.  There are several spirits captured in these photos.  Why do the totem poles shoot out of the White Light?  

In the photo I see an outline of a large spirit with other shorter spirits. There are so many tiny white orbs. White orbs are supposed to protect the white light. 

Supernatural or Extraterrestrials

In the photo shows a mixture of the orbs and spirits in the shape of people, reptiles and animals with the White Light.  What does it mean when different colored hues surround the White Light?  

I kept this photo on my website because it is so awesome.  The lady dressed in pink and pink was my mother's favorite color.  There are other spirits but they are difficult to see.

​ Sometimes there are layers of spirits.

The ecto mists and the White LIght shows layers of spirits.  The most vivid spirits are at the top of this photo to the left of the White LIght.

I see a bird or maybe it is a fairy.  The ecto mists draping down from the White Light shows many elongated spirits.  The little girl is a statue.