In the photo on the right shows a mixture of the White light with orbs and spirits in the shape of people and reptiles and animals. 

In the photo on the right there are totem poles.  Faces stacked on top of each other coming out of the white light.  

In the photo on the right; there are so many spirits around the White light.  The little girl at the bottom of the photo is a statue.

The photo on the left shows an ecto mist and the white light.  There is a face to the right of the white light.  The brown orb on the tree trunk based on orbs could  be a bad spirit.

The photo on the right looks like real live people.  The White light and a large pink orb.  

Do you see the bird and faces in the above photo?  Maybe it is a fairy. The little girl is a statue. 

In the photo above I see an outline of a large spirit and other large faces. There are so many tiny white orbs.  White orbs are supposed to protect the white light. 

The photo on the right shows the ecto mists below the White light and several faces around the ecto mists.   Do you see the little ET at the bottom of this photo?  Some of the spirits appear in colored orbs sometimes.  What does that mean? 

Do you see all the orbs in the photo on the right?  The pink hue around the white light means an open and accepting spirit.  Do you see all the faces in this photo?

Supernatural or Extraterrestrials

The photo on the left has many spirits and what looked like a big mouse face. There is a little girl next to the column.

In the photo above shows many faces and one spirit appears to be holding something. 

In the photo on the left has three orbs with a woman holding a red orb.  Do you see the Frankenstein face below the white light?

The three circles means reincarnation so, I have been told.

Click on the photos to enlarge them

In the photo on the left has orbs, serpents and two silver spirits; one silver spirit looks like a face. The white light has a pink hue.  There is a small white spirit that appears to be staring at my small statue.  

This photo on the right was taken in my front yard.  I have three egrets that hang around my house at different times and but not everyday.  The ecto mists are spirits.  

The totem poles have faces stacked on top of one another.  The purple/violet orbs are supposed to mean a messenger from God.

In the photo on the right; look at the White light and the three orbs.  There are so many spirits around the light.  Why are the orbs together? Red orbs are spirits that are stressed.  The green orb is a healing spirit and the yellow orb is a cautious spirit. 

Angels White Light

The top left photo shows a gorilla face. The second photo on the left shows many spirits/ET's.

I kept this photo on the right on my website because it is so awesome. So many life sized spirits were captured in the photo.

In the photo on the right; for a week after a paranormal society came into my house finding my mother and brother; these two spirits faces side by side were in several of my photos.

In the photo on the left shows a purple and violet orb.  Many faces too. Research Orbs and their colors for the meaning of the orbs.  

The photo on the left has a dove and three tiny spirits/ET's.

In the photo on the right this baby showed up on my glass door when my mother passed away in 2009.  This baby was visible to the naked eye.

Do you see the weird looking man in the photo on the left?  Many faces and a purple hue.

Do you see the woman wearing a pink dress in the photo on the left?

Do you see the german shepard dog in the photo on the left?  I don't have a german shepard.  

In the photo on the left it looks like a man dressed in a white coat and a white hat.  There is a green orb on the ground.  There are many faces above the white light.  

I captured so many spirits in the photo on the right.  The White light with pink and blue hues.  This photo is incredible!  The little girl on the left is a statue.

When I looked initially at the photo on the left I saw a fish.  But, if you look at the fishes mouth it is a spirit with black hair.  Three orbs and other faces in this photo. 

There are two or three large faces along with other partial or full figured spirits in the photo on the right.